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Welcome to The Lords Command

At this site we ask what could easily be the most important question you will ever be asked, "Are You at The Lords Command?".  This very simple question can be quite a puzzler to some, and yet, the answer is quite simply - Yes or No.
The purpose of this site is to welcome all and help you answer this question with a resounding YES!

One of the Lords Commands is to Go into all the world... More

Fun and Games

Who said Living for God isn't fun?

How about some Puns or fun saying
Try a word puzzle
Test your Bible knowledge
Explore a Text Adventure
Outdoor activities



Show the world that you are 
at the Lords Command, with
a special e-mail address.

Live4Him - Discussion Board

Chat with others on varying topics:

(Testing Board) Feel Free to try it!

Who is the Lord?

Wonderfull, Councelor, MightyGod, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father,...

Tip of the Week

There are 2 possible problems in life:
1) You know what you want, but not how to get it.
2) You don't know what you want.

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Where ever you go, you are at The Lords Command.